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Why you have too much ammo!

So, you bought a few thousand rounds of ammunition in preparation for the apocalypse. But what if I told you that ammo is best suited by being shot now while training for when stuff really hits the fan.

You need to be able to survive first! Be prepared for the future by putting in work during the present. What I suggest is identifying your anticipated worst-case scenario. Then begin planning, preparing, and, most importantly, training.

Again, if your worst-case scenario is the total collapse of society, i.e., the apocalypse, I would argue that your ability to defend that stockpile of ammo is more valuable than having it. I will say that since I am trained to think like a predator, the only ammo that I am currently saving is what is required to survive and inevitably acquire……. often from the path of least resistance, the unprepared.

The truth is that bullets and guns are a small percentage of the skills that you need to survive in any given scenario. Balanced knowledge across a broad spectrum equates to survivability. The weapon will get you out of an initial threat scenario. However, fieldcraft and situational awareness will ensure your survivability. Be a jack of all trades.

Going back to that stockpile, if asked what my number one item to stockpile would be, my answer is water. Always remember the general “rule of 3” for any survival situation. Humans cannot survive without the following:

3 minutes without air 3 hours without shelter (harsh environment) 3 days without water (if you have shelter) 3 weeks without food (if you have water and shelter)

Have you put it together to make a bug out plan? Do you have a bug out bag? Do you have any caches? What do you take for granted each day? Is the answer water, food, clothing, and shelter? Perhaps these are equally important as that stockpile of ammo. . . . Photography by @jameshickeystudio #quietprotactical #stayready #pewpew #socalguns #training #shooting #dol #usarmy #specialforces #greenberet #selfdefense #beprepared #protectyourfamily #specialops #essentialservice #military #lawenforcement #closequarters #shoot #move #thinblueline

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